WWF Eco Elephant Floppy 23cm Plush Toy

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From The Classic Collection to Taras Clonakilty

We will only stock safe Toys . These are made to The Blue Angel Standard .

Did you know the African elephant is the heaviest animal living on land? And, that they’ve been on this planet for at least 35 million years? Unfortunately, these days, more than 55 elephant are being killed every day. This little fluffy elephant is a 100% recycled PET! Yes, that’s right, inside ánd out! The most durable and enivironmental friendly plush friend there is. For every WWF plush sold, a donation is made to your local WWF organisation.

Eco-friendly and socially responsible production! All WWF plush products are sustainable and therefore last a lifetime. They are manufactured according to the highest standards when it comes to sustainability and are made with a 100% recycled PET bottle stuffing.

All age groups will love this Gorgeous WWF Floppy Eco Elelephant an Ideal Gift for New born or Adults

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